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Brain misfirings working overtime today. Series of brainfarts. I need a vacation. I'm working too hard.

Something funny happened at work today, though. This cute little old lady bought a newspaper from us and said she thought about getting coffee but it was too late, anyway. I offered her decaf if she really wanted some coffee.

Her reply, "Nah, I'm going home and having a beer."

I giggled, "Yes ma'am! You DO that! Good for you!"

Now I'm having a beer. :)

Growing Inflated Sense of Entitlement

Under the cut are two Dear Abby letters written by women who need a slice of humble pie.

In other words, 'GIMME, GIMME, GIMME!'Collapse )

Excuse me, sweetheart, you do NOT speak for all women!Collapse )

What is going ON in our society?! It seems to me that so many women today are becoming more manipulative, rude and self-centered. I really don't know where this over-inflated sense of entitlement comes from and I won't pretend I do. I don't think there is a single place to lay blame. These letters are only two examples of what I see on TV, in the media and in real life. The real life is what scares me the most. This mentality is NOT indicative of all women, but seems to be

One of the most recent real life examples is from a young woman I know. She has a job of her own and makes more than enough to live well by herself. She is engaged to a friend of mine who works for the same company, though is on entry level whereas she is management. He was selling marijuana for a few years and she had no problem with this. He was very discreet about it and was making very good money doing so. I suspect this is where she didn't mind because after he got busted, he was slapped with a $2,000+ fine. No jail time, just a hefty fine. I spoke to her after the fact as he was still paying off the fine and asked if they were doing okay. She told me she wasn't sure she wanted to marry him anymore. Why? Because up until he was issued the fine, he was supposed to buy her something (what it was I'm not sure and really didn't care) and he now didn't have any money because he was "careless" and she "won't marry a bum". WHAT?! But she'll marry a pot dealer. Uh-huh.

Even more recently, B's cousin got into a fight with his girlfriend. Why? She has been living at his mother's house while he is stationed at Ft. Hood with the Army. She told him to get off of HER bed (it's HIS bedroom). He told her to get out of the house. He drove here from Waxahachie and he and B went to the beer store to drink away his anger. I'm not saying it's right or wrong, but that's what he was doing. I got home, joined the party. B crashed around 2 a.m., Owen and I were still up. All night he was getting text message after text message from this girl. She wanted him to come home now. He kept telling her no. She called and asked Owen if I could drive him home. I said no! It was 3:30 a.m., I'm buzzed, Owen is drunk and we're both tired as fuck. I'm NOT driving for an hour round-trip so that some little 19-year-old brat can have her way. NO. NOT HAPPENING. As far as I'm concerned, this is almost crossing the line between bitchy and psychotic.

As for the 23-year-old with the balding 34-year-old boyfriend, who does she think she is? She seems to think she's speaking for WOMEN when she says that WE care about baldness in men. She's insisting that he do something about his hair thinning instead of allowing him to deal with it in his own way, she's insisting he take care of the way she wants him to. Why?! Because apparently it's all about her. B's family has a history of baldness and a receded hairline at 25. My dad, my uncle, my cousin and my grandfather (all on Dad's side) have lost some hair. My friend Charley has lost most of his hair and is 29. His solution? Shave it all off. I'm not going to pretend that I find baldness oh-so-sexy, but it does not make or break a relationship, nor should it. If Little Miss Vanity can't handle a man going through a normal stage of life that affects millions, perhaps she should perpetually stick with her college-age frat boys. Love Abby's response, too. Rock on, Abby.

And then we have Kelly who wants her husband to be like the men in the diamond commercials. Does this woman not understand that those commercials are fictional portrayals of an idealistic situation whose sole, lame efforts are to guilt the male (or females for those in same-sex relationships) audience into purchasing their product for the company's own monetary gain?! How SILLY for a grown woman to be so swayed by a television ad. My suspicion, though, is that perhaps the commercial is the icing on the cake for Kelly. She probably has friends who have their husbands hen-pecked and encourage the same behavior in other women.

Don't get me wrong, I think how couples handle their finances is a very personal thing, unique to each relationship. It's none of my business if both work or if one stays at home, who buys who what, but this silly notion that he's not romantic because he doesn't shell out an ungodly amount of cash and put it on your hand while you're sleeping is ridiculous. It's cool if he does, but rather than expecting it, why not look for how he DOES do romantic things his OWN way?

I feel like our society is constantly conditioning us, especially women to believe that it's "all about ME". No, it isn't. A relationship consists of TWO people and while your wants and needs are valid, so are the other persons. Respect is a TWO way street.

Some of my art

I wish the photo quality was better. I'll put up more soon.

Drawn from a live modelCollapse )

Copper Plate Etching on Canvas with AcrylicCollapse )

Work Related.

I draw the signage for my store and this has to be one of the best parts of my job. Other stores I've been in just draw the lettering and that's it, but the artist in me has to add my own "little extra". After I move up to store manager for a while, I'm going to go forward with my pursuit of the advertising aspect of the company so I can fully utilize my degree in ART. I enjoy retail very much but I know it's not what I want for the rest of my life. If I can't get into advertising with Starbucks, I'll be starting my own business of running my own gallery. Hell, I'll probably do that anyway. I'll soon post my own artwork here.

Komodo DragonCollapse )

Yukon BlendCollapse )

Caffe VeronaCollapse )


I'm hitting my "afternoon lull". For some reason, around 3 or 4 o'clock, I get suddenly tired and want a nap. Only I don't have time for one. I have to start getting ready for my meeting soon and all I want to do is curl up in bed for an hour. Luckily, the meeting won't last too long and I can come home when it's all finished and be here with B who is lucky enough to be getting HIS nap in right now. Lucky bastard. =P

May. 9th, 2008

Michelle Duggar is pregnant with her 18th child. We all know what that means for many of us LJers who participate in some of the communities. The CF communities are having a ball bashing the family once again. Comments involving the words "wizard" and "sleeve" are surfacing once again to describe Mrs. Duggar's lady parts. I think I must be a horrible Childfree woman in that I don't give a rat's ass what the Duggar family does.

I'm not surprised she's pregnant again. She and Mr. Duggar have said that they plan to keep expanding their ever-growing clan. They appear to be doing exactly that. She's not saying every couple should do this, just that it is right for her and her husband. Cool. It makes them happy. The family actually seems VERY happy which I happen to think is one hell of an accomplishment for a family of that size. Eh, call me bold.

I know I'm not the ONLY CFer who thinks this way, it's just that many of the community participants overwhelmingly and rabidly seem to care way too much what other people do with their reproductive systems. Is 18 kids excessive? Perhaps, but who am I to say? And honestly, who the hell are they, people who don't even WANT kids, to say that someone else shouldn't have any more than X amount of children?

Now here's my confession: When I realized I did not want children of my own, I was like a kid with a shiny new toy. I let people know, I even participated in what is now in retrospect, a VERY embarrasing debate about CF terms that I don't even use anymore. That's right. I am now pretty much disgusted that children are described as "crotch fruit" and parents as "breeders" or more specifically, "moos" and "duhs". I started to calm down once the newness wore off, when I realized I was acting like a high-schooler and when I realized that nobody REALLY gives a damn that I don't want kids. Those who do (I think I've only found ONE and this person is some obscure blogger who is likely to just be trying to rouse the rabid ones) are not worth my time. I truly couldn't care less about being "bingoed".

Yet, so many people who don't want children seem to put WAY too much time and energy into caring about those who want and/or have children. Some of them rant and rave about children in public places (geez, let's just lock 'em all up until they're 18, shall we?). Others bitch and moan about bad parenting and some seem obsessed with breastfeeding or other child-rearing methods that only people with children should really concern themselves with. I realized that the reason I AM CF is so I DON'T have to care about these things.

This is a beautiful thing for me, not having to worry. Many of my friends have children. B and I babysit sometimes and enjoy it. We get to do the fun part; playing with and entertaining a kid. Watching movies we haven't seen in YEARS, marveling over the cool new toys that weren't around when we were little, watching a young mind develop and see those gears turning as they figure out something. One of the funniest moments is when B lets Avery go to town on the keyboard. And the faces they make are so comical! Then Mom and Dad come to pick them up and we don't have to worry if we're making a bad impact on the kid or have to worry about if we're feeding them the wrong foods. It's none of my business if someone chooses to breastfeed, have a C-section or what method of discipline are they using. I don't HAVE TO worry. I think as long as they are doing what they see fit, with sound mind and the best of intentions, that is, they are not abusive or negligent, who cares? Who am I to judge? I don't even want kids of my own, after all and furthermore, I don't give a damn who does.

True, I find the "soccer-mom and dad" types annoying but...who doesn't besides well, those type of parents? Yes, I'm annoyed by people who can't talk about anything other than their children while they're children run wild and they turn their heads, but that might occupy my mind for, oh...two seconds. No more than an eyeroll and then I move on and really, why judge so harshly? Needless to say, I don't participate in the CF community as much anymore and CF_Hardcore was wiped from my list LONG ago. When I try to now, I feel frustrated so I just don't say anything anymore because it's useless. There are some members of the community who are on my friends' list who tend to share the same mentality so I know I'm not a lone wolf. I now find it very amusing and annoying at the same time how so many of these people who don't want children become child-rearing experts and Internet OB/GYNs (i.e. discussing the state of Mrs. Duggar's vagina).

Why do I care that they do? Probably because it gives me something to do when I'm incredibly bored. Maybe it's been building up for a while or I'm tired of being lumped into the same category with people who nobody would want to fuck in the first place that have shitty attitudes.

Apr. 28th, 2008

Last night, I closed the store yet again. I really like closing. Not sure why, I just do. I guess because it keeps me busy and my ADD self likes to stay busy. I swear if I won the lottery, I would need to keep a part time job just to keep from going nuts with boredom. I'm not the kind of person who likes to sit around the house all day (unless it's to recover from a long-ass work week).

Being the good little shift supervisor I am, I make sure my partners have completed their tasks as I pour my nearly-ritualistic, end-of-the-day cup of triple-filtered ice water. Sort of a reward to myself. I try calling B to see if he needs anything before I get home. He's already asleep because otherwise his phone wouldn't go to voicemail. I'll stop by QuikTrip anyway.

I pull up to a pump so I can get a little gas before my new debit card comes in and I use the automated, pay-at-the-pump system with my copy of B's debit card. It won't put my transaction through. Hm. Oh well, I'll prepay inside. Something must be wrong with the machine. A tall, thin gentleman about my age range (late 20s, early 30s) who has just hopped off his crotch rocket sees me and opens the door for me. He has sandy-colored hair and blue eyes.

I go into the overly air-conditioned store with it's bright flourescent lights. This is one of those very-well lit, mega-stations. 36 pumps, I think? I would not want to see the light bill for that place. Really. I get two AMP energy drinks for B and wait in line, the cold sodas are beginning to cramp my hands. To my relief, I set them down. Patrick is working again. I've become a midnight regular here and most of the time, none of the stuff I'm buying is for me. Unless it's the Habanero Doritos I treat myself to every once in a while.

I order my gas, B's smokes and Patrick scans the drinks. I hand over the card. Debit. Decline. Patrick tries it again as credit. Decline. Weird... I know we have enough. No biggie, I had bought a two-fer pack of smokes for myself earlier. B can have the other half and call PayPal in the AM. He still has Mt. Dew in the fridge anyway. He can drink that. I'm still perplexed, but there's nothing I can do about it right now anyway. I head home.

I'm not even 1/4 a block from the store when I see the crotch rocket speeding close to me. Next to my car. Not gonna race, buddy. This is a 4-cylinder. I make the circular turn onto Fielder Rd. He's still behind me. He gets RIGHT. NEXT. TO. MY. CAR. Um...is there something wrong with my car? He makes the "roll down your window" motion. Something inside me says to do it. It's okay this time, really. Odd, no alarms going off in my head and I don't trust ANYONE, hardly.

He extends his arm. A brand new pack of Marlboros is in his hand. He nods at me to take it. My jaw drops. "Oh. My..."

"I noticed your card didn't work, so I figured you needed some help."

"Wha...Oh...Wow...THANKS!" I'm in awe. He doesn't know me. A random stranger. I thank him profusely. He nods and disappears into the night, turning left as I head straight, through the green light. I'm so awestruck, stuck between maniacal laughter and tears the rest of my drive.

Just when I'm about to lose all faith in humanity, being the misanthrope I am, someone does something amazing. Last week, it was one of my customers giving me a box of tea for no reason other than us giving him hot water when he's broke so he can make his own tea. Maybe I haven't completely given up on everyone. Maybe there are more people like me who believe in doing something good for someone else...just because. It's people like this that remind me to "pay it forward". Next opportunity I get to do so, I will.

I Bring a Funny

For all us old B&B fans:

funy dog pictures
see more cute dogs and puppies

I had a good, nearly peeing myself, laugh over this.

Oh Yeah...

The other night I had this dream that this big fucking asteroid hit the UK. Oddly enough, it did NOT hit Ireland. I guess we are a lucky people after all? I'm still waiting to see some more of this so-called luck. Maybe it goes away with each generation you're born in the U.S. Sort of a depreciative kind of thing.

Edit: Let me add that I have NOTHING against the British! I don't know why I had that dream...

Writer's Block: 2008 Accomplishment

What is your biggest accomplishment thus far in 2008?

I've sold two paintings already!